Data Security and Access Policy for Partners


This Data Security and Access Policy (Policy) is put in place to protect the security and privacy of the Airbnb community, including our hosts, guests, customers, staff members and job candidates, in accordance with our legal obligations and our Privacy Policy. You must agree to and follow this Policy when accessing Airbnb Data.


Airbnb is built on trust and our community expects us to protect its sensitive and personal information. An information security breach or cyber incident could severely damage our credibility and reputation. Security and privacy events can also cause loss of business and other harm to Airbnb. Strong information security and privacy requires diligence by all Airbnb partners accessing or using our information assets. It is part of everyone’s role - thank you for doing your part.


This Policy is Airbnb’s confidential information. Do not share this Policy outside your organization unless authorized by the Privacy Legal team. Please reach out to to request authorization.



  1. Data Use Rules. You agree to follow the guiding principles below when accessing and handling Airbnb Data in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data on Airbnb systems.


(a) do not make copies of the Airbnb Data other than temporary downloads to your work device


(b) do not share Airbnb Data with others;


(c) only access and use the data needed to perform your role, and delete downloaded data at the end of your project;


(d) not circumvent any security or access controls;


(e) not share accounts or passwords to applications accessing Airbnb Data;


(f) fully encrypt your device through which you access Airbnb Data;


(g)  install and regularly update an anti-malware application on your device accessing Airbnb Data;


(h)  comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws.


Above all, use your common sense in protecting the personal data of Airbnb members, partners, and personnel - ask yourself “How would I want others to treat this information if it was my personal information?”



  1. Sharing with Care. You may not send personal information or Airbnb confidential information to anyone inside or outside of Airbnb who is not authorized to receive it. When sending or sharing personal or confidential information with anyone, make sure the information is only being shared with the intended audience.



  1. Monitoring of Data Access and Use. When permitted by law, all data that is transmitted through Airbnb systems and networks is subject to network monitoring and potentially disclosure. Be mindful that the data, equipment, services, and technology used to access the internet through Airbnb’s network are all typically the property of Airbnb.


  1. Reporting Security Incidents and Vulnerabilities. If you discover what you believe is a security vulnerability or other security concern in any technology that you use in connection with your work at Airbnb, report it promptly to your Airbnb contact or You can also report any suspected abuse of someone’s access rights to Airbnb systems or information to your Airbnb contact or


  1. Compliance with the Policy. Not following these Information Security and Privacy Policies can put Airbnb at risk of violating the law or a contract and impact Airbnb’s reputation and the trust we have with the Airbnb community. You have a responsibility to familiarize yourself with these policies, and a failure to comply with them can lead to action in accordance with applicable law. If Airbnb suspects illegal activities, it may report them to the applicable authorities and aid in any investigation or prosecution of the individuals involved.


Should you have questions on the Policy, please seek guidance from your Airbnb point of contact or the Airbnb Privacy Legal team at Airbnb may terminate your access if you violate this Policy or fail to seek and follow guidance on the Policy.


Thank you for helping to keep our community’s information secure!  If you have questions, reach out to your Airbnb contact or email​.

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