Welcome to DARYL, where employees and partners can find and request photos, videos, and other assets to use in campaigns and communications.


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When using DARYL assets, copyright information and usage limitations must be adhered to as noted on assets. All content downloaded from the Site (photography, audio and video, etc.) may be only used for requested purpose or as specifically noted on the asset. If assets are noted as confidential or for internal use only, they should not be shared publicly.


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Data Policy for Partners.


Please respect Airbnb's Brand Guidelines and our commitment to represent diversity and belonging.


We hope you find DARYL to be a useful tool as we continue to build out the system and add material to the archive.


If you have any questions/ideas/bugs to report, please e-mail us at daryl@airbnb.com.


Thank you and Happy DARYL-ing!


- The Airbnb DARYL Team